Pastor Dan York is our minister and Ann his wife.



Pastor Dan has real world experience that is reflected in his messages and everyday life.  He preached in the streets of Indianapolis and Louisville and was a missionary evangelist to native Indian tribes in the US and in Canada. He has been pastor in Decatur for more than 30 years  Pastor Dan is supported by a dedicated staff of volunteers.


 SS Superintendent - Jason Bebout



Minister of Music -  Mike Summers does a great job in leading us into God's presence through music. He is supported by the gracious Rene Biberstein on the piano. Rene also does the arranging or music for a smooth transition and excellence of presentation. Assistant: Millie Deaton

Missions President - Millie Deaton: Assistant:Niki Bayless

Adult Activities Director - Mindy Knefelkamp: Assistan: Amanda Schaefer

Youth Ministry - Falisha Biberstein Assistant: Lonnie & Rene Biberstein

Church Board - Lonnie Biberstein, BJ Bayless, Jerry Hurst, Duane Biberstein, Phillip Schafer, Mike Summers, Roger Ballard

Church Secretary - Tonya Cornett, Assistan: Rachel Summers

Head Trustee - Darrell Deaton Assistant: BJ Bayless

Head Steward - Lonnie Biberstein Assistant: Nora Suman

Head Usher - Jerry Hurst  Assistant: Ramey Cornett

2017 Working Committee Chair Person:
Hospitalitlity–Anna Bebout ** Flower–Pamela Schaefer ** Special Programs-Ann York

Benevolence - Lonnie Biberstein Finance - Rachel Summers Pastor Appreciation - Lonnie & Tonya

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